PA2 Opinion

The architecture from its actors

PH1. To meet an architect

Toyo Ito

He gained universal fame for his innovative views when working with architectural forms and the latest construction technologies. This requires a certain amount of courage. The master’s approach to architecture consists in rejecting traditional conservatism, experimenting with various structures and textures, and striving to create his own unique interpretations.


Toyo Ito was born on June 1, 1941 in Seoul (then the Japanese Empire). Toyo Ito said that as a teenager, he had no interest in architecture. His father was a fan of the game of baseball and instilled a love for sports in his son, so the boy, from childhood, linked his future life exclusively with baseball. Only after Ito entered the University of Tokyo did architecture become his main interest. The young man was lucky enough to listen to the lectures of the famous Kenzo Tange. The young student became interested in the mentor’s ideas.


White U House

Museum internacional of barroco

Museum of architecture

Tama art university library


PH2. Reading and comprehension of a text and reflections