Sulaiman-Too Sacred Mountain Museum

📍Sulaiman-Too Sacred Mountain, Kyrgyzstan

Architect: Kubanychbek Nazarov

Time of building: 1973 – 1978

When I saw this museum on TV for the first time, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It looks futuristic!! 

The most striking attraction of the Sulaiman-Too Museum is that it is located in a mountain cave. Before the decision to open a museum, the building in a natural rock was planned to be used as a restaurant. The entrance to it was designed in the form of a metal arch resembling an ear. The Sulaiman-Too Museum is a two-story cave, with the lower part being manually expanded and the upper part left in its natural state. On the walls of the cave, which has become an exhibition space for 35 thousand ethnographic exhibits, you can see ancient rock paintings – petroglyphs. Since 2009, the cave has been included in the UNESCO heritage list. The museum contains more than 33 thousand exhibits in the fund. These are 6694 archaeological, 3702 ethnographic, 19852 documents and photographs, 1196 objects of applied and handicraft art, painting, sculpture and graphics.

The museum is considered regional, therefore its exposition is completely devoted to the nature and history of the South of Kyrgyzstan.