La Isla de Cuba

At the corner of Calle de San Vicente 1 and Plaza de la Reina 4 is the original building, built by the architect Lucas García Cardona in 1895. The round windows of the first floor with cast-iron columns and ceramics on the facade, depicting the figures of dancing bacchantes, are striking. In the ancient world, the priestesses of the God of wine and fun Bacchus (Bacchus, Dionysus) were called bacchantes

The building consists of a ground floor, a mezzanine and four floors. Built in the style of “Architectural Eclecticism” and “Valencian Modernism”. The facade is richly decorated, filled with ornamental motives: Corinthian columns with Hellenistic motives, with dancing figures, friezes with palmettes. Impressive wooden gazebos with chiseled columns at the ends of the façade and a large wooden cornice